Rolfing® S.I. and neurological damages

“Considering the wingspan and the wing beat frequency relate to the weight, it is scientifically proven that a beetle can not fly. Because the beetle does not know, it flies anyway. “

During the Rolfing ® Week 2012 the first workshop  Ideomotor Training for  Rolfers™ was held in Italy . The aim was to  provide knowledge and tools relevant to the use of language, communication and imaginative techniques that are integrated into Rolfing® S.I. common practice. These techniques  may increase the effectiveness of Rolfing ® SI.The workshop, designed and conducted by Monica Canducci (Certified Rolfer & Rolf Movement practitioner with expertise and experience in communication, co-creator of the method Beamish Bodymind Balancing ®), is based on recent scientific discoveries in the field of neuroscience and neuroplasticity in general.The Ideomotor Training is aimed for   all those Rolfers™ who want to enrich their work with greater awareness of the value of language and through the use of imagery, and is useful especially in working with people, after rehabilitation, with neurological damage and spinal damage,that may still be eligible for a specific work aimed at the recovery of balance, movement and coordination.

The Rolfers present at the workshop have also acquired the basics of Beamish Bodymind Balancing ® (method based on the ideomotor training into practice, born from the floor barre exercises created and adopted by Master Philip Beamish, teacher and personal coach of the biggest dancers in the world, with the principles and foundations of Structural Integration identified by Dr. Ida Rolf) for increase in the client itself a the sense of balance, stability and poise.

This is a small excerpt from Monica:

“When me and my first client quadriplegic (a young man with a spinal lesion between c6 and c7 achieved 15 years ago) we started working together, we didn’t know, fortunately , that we would have developed  a work that, if we had consulted a  specialist, we would have heard  that it was impossible to get a result. In fact, after having obtained the first results (re-acquired a remarkable sensitivity and ability to manage the balance of the trunk and pelvis by the client), we have seen not one but two medical specialists who, much surprised, noting the “opportunity” to make the ‘”impossible”, and they have agreed with us that the work we had done has allowed  the brain to be” re-map” and  allowing  ”normal” connections between the brain and periphery.

Since then I have worked to other  ”impossible” recoveries, the results are probably due to neuroplasticity, the function of mirror neurons, the brain’s ability to function – when it is supposed to act or to experience an emotion or state – analogous to that when we act or what was actually experienced.”

The Italians Rolfers who have followed the  Ideomotor Training are: Rita Balestri (Rome), Alessia Di Noia (Rome), Lucia Isabella Grazioli (Brescia), Miita Mazzali Fulgenzi (Rome and Manfredonia, province of Foggia), Daniela Risser (Rome and Cetona , province of Siena) and Barbara Valaguzza (Monza and Aosta). Italian speaker but  resident in Switzerland: Pascal Di Lauro (Lugano)

Useful Links:    (sito di Miita Mazzali Fulgenzi)

Barbara Valaguzza

As a pharmaceutical researcher I studied the biochemical mechanisms of drugs on human system. I met the Eastern approach to medicine and I got very interested in body-mind communication until I got certified as a NLP® Practitioner and later as a NLP® Master Practitioner. Then I got certified as a teacher of Beamish Bodymind Balancing® directly fro the co-founder Monica Canducci. I certified as a Certified Rolfer® at the Accademia Italiana del Rolfing®, a school authorized by the European Rolfing® Association and the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration.


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